It is very important for all of our children to have full tummies, packed with delicious nutritional food providing the children with the energy they need to have happy, healthy bodies and minds.

We have a fabulous nursery chef who provides the children with fresh and healthy balanced meals whilst only using the finest ingredients.

You will often find our chef preparing dishes with the produce our children have grown in the nursery garden. Our chef also goes into the classroom once a week to take a cookery class.

Meal times are very important at Oak Tree as they provide an invaluable social experience and a real sense of belonging through conversations with friends and adults.

Each member of staff sits and eats with a small group of children, demonstrating polite manners and safe ways of using cutlery.

Members of staff are on hand to gently help and encourage children to eat and support our older children to set the table for themselves and their friends and serve food to one another.

We cater for all children’s dietary requirements, whether medical, cultural, ethical or simply based on your child’s personal preferences.

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