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“I looked at a few nurseries and this is the only nursery I considered. My daughter has been here since she was two. The staff put in so much effort to plan an engaging and stimulating programme and my daughter has noticeably progressed because of the activities she has taken part in. The nursery also takes nutrition seriously and my daughter enjoys the menu considerably”

– Melanie

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Situated within the grounds of St Mary’s Church, we are within walking distance of Wimbledon Village, and a short distance from Wimbledon Station. We care for children from 2 years old all year round.

Our Wimbledon setting is open Monday to Thursday from 08:00 with a choice of 16:30 or 18:00 finish time. We are not open on a Friday.

We work with Merton council to offer Universal and Extended Funded Childcare for 3-4 year olds.

Our Toddler Room

The Toddler Room is bright, warm and welcoming with large windows that allow natural sun-light into the room all day.

The Toddler Room’s internal layout provides the best possible learning environment for our little children with low tables, shelving, window sills and play equipment clearly labelled at the children’s height to encourage independent, spontaneous play.

Each toddler is unique and very special. We plan a curriculum based on each child’s individual needs and interests, challenging and stimulating the minds of our little learners.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and ensure that each day is planned as we feel a routine helps to give the children a sense of security.

As well as planned activities, we also ensure we leave enough time for spontaneous play and exploration.

We have lots of special friends who come into the nursery to provide extra learning experiences for our toddlers, including yoga, tennis, singing and multi-sports.

Our Pre-school room

Pre-school is the biggest room in the nursery and has lots of large windows allowing natural sun-light to fill the room all day.

Lots of things happen in Pre-School and it is always busy with our buzzing explorers. Whilst children are having fun a secret curriculum is being planned behind the scenes to ensure all elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are met and children’s individual interests are at the heart of our planning.

There are endless opportunities to learn at every turn and all areas of learning are reinforced through ‘purposeful play’.

Every activity we do with the children is to prepare them for their next step… big school.

We have very strong links with schools in the surrounding area and working closely with the parents throughout the year, we will advise on schools to best suit your child.

We have lots of special friends who come into the nursery to provide extra learning experiences, including yoga, tennis, singing and multi-sports.

A daily routine gives children a sense of security and with Pre-Schoolers an increased sense of responsibility and independence.

Outdoor learning

Our large, enclosed outdoor area provides the children with a huge opportunity to explore, get muddy, go on adventures and flourish to their full potential.

The outdoor garden area includes a large sand-pit, a mud kitchen, home corner, outdoor creative area, a quiet reading area and an imaginative corner.

We also have the use of the field next to the church and this space is perfect for when we want to run free with no obstacles in our way, win races at sports day or just want to go crazy with the parachutes or kites.

We like to explore and learn from our surrounding environment by visiting the local library weekly, walking up to the village stables to see our 4-legged friends, taking a walk up to the common, or down to Wimbledon Park to feed our duck friends.


It is very important for all of our children to have full tummies, packed with delicious nutritional food providing the children with the energy they need to have happy, healthy bodies and minds.

We have a fabulous nursery chef who provides the children with fresh and healthy balanced meals whilst only using the finest ingredients.

You will often find our chef preparing dishes with the produce our children have grown in the nursery garden. Our chef also goes into the classroom once a week to take a cookery class.

Meal times are very important at Oak Tree as they provide an invaluable social experience and a real sense of belonging through conversations with friends and adults.

Each member of staff sits and eats with a small group of children, demonstrating polite manners and safe ways of using cutlery.

Members of staff are on hand to gently help and encourage children to eat and support our older children to set the table for themselves and their friends and serve food to one another.

We cater for all children’s dietary requirements, whether medical, cultural, ethical or simply based on your child’s personal preferences.

Summer Menu

See the latest menu.

Communication with you

Communication is key in any relationship, and none more so than the relationship you have with your child’s nursery school.

At Oak Tree Pre-school Nursery, we use an app called ‘Famly’ which allows our nursery staff to share photos, videos and instant messages with parents. All information is visible in real time which means that you can see important events as they happen.

You can also contribute to your child’s learning and development record by posting photographs and accounts of what your child does outside of nursery.

And parents are able to use Famly anywhere across all devices, including computer, tablets and smartphones, free of charge.

Fees and Funding

You can use our fees calculator to work out what the monthly fees would be. Our fee structure is also available to download.


Wimbledon Fees


What age do you take children from? We take children from 2 years old.

What days are you open? We are open Monday to Thursday, and closed on Friday.

Do you offer term-time only care? No, we are open all year round with the exception of Bank Holidays and the days in between Christmas and New Year.

What sessions are available? We offer 08:00 to 16:30 (Special Full Day) or 08:00 to 18:00 (Full Day). We do not offer morning or afternoon sessions.

What is the minimum number of sessions required? A minimum of two sessions per week is required.

How can I secure a place? The first thing to do is to complete our enquiry form. One of our team members will then be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Is a registration fee required? Yes, a non-refundable registration fee of £100.00 is required to secure your place on our waiting list.

Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes, once we have a place to offer you, a £750.00 deposit is required within 5 working days to secure the place.

When would I get my deposit back? The deposit will be refunded within one week of your child’s leaving date, providing a minimum notice period of three full calendar months has been given and Oak Tree’s Policies & Procedures have been adhered to.

How are your fees calculated and when are they due? Monthly fees are calculated by multiplying the cost per session by the 52 weeks of the year, then dividing by 12 so payments remain the same month-on-month.Fees are due monthly on the first of each month, in advance for each calendar month of childcare.

Do you offer refunds or discounts for sickness or holidays? No refunds or discounts will be given for sickness or holidays.

Do you offer funded places? Yes, we offer the 15 or 30 hour funding for 3-4 year olds. Funding is available from the term after a child turns 3 years of age – terms begin on 1st April (Summer term), 1st September (Autumn), and 1st January (Spring) each year.

How does a funded place work? The funded hours are stretched across the year meaning the 15 hours per week becomes approximately 11 hours per week, and the 30 hours per week becomes approximately 22 hours per week. A funded place is not a free place – we reduce the fees by the amount we receive for funding.