Outdoor Learning

Our Garden

Our large, enclosed outdoor area provides the children with a huge opportunity to explore, get muddy, go on adventures and flourish to their full potential.

The outdoor garden area includes a large sand-pit, a mud kitchen, home corner, outdoor creative area, a quiet reading area and an imaginative corner.

As well as a space for play, our garden contains a large growing and digging area where children grow and care for fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, and a wildflower area where we look after all of our mini beasts and little creatures.

Our Field

This space is perfect for when we want to run free with no obstacles in our way, win races at sports day or just want to go crazy with the parachutes or kites.

Some recent outside activities

Days out in the local community

We like to explore and learn from our surrounding environment by visiting the local library weekly. Walking up to the village stables to see our 4-legged friends. Taking a walk up to the common or down to Wimbledon Park to feed our duck friends.

When we cook and bake we first walk up to the village with our own unique interpretation of a shopping list!! to buy our own ingredients from our local green grocer or supermarket. For our little legs (babies and toddlers) we have buggies so they can pick or choose to walk or be driven!

We also go further a field on bigger trips, some of the places we have previously visited include:

  • The London Aquarium
  • The Science Museum
  • National History Museum
  • Legoland
  • Bocketts Farm…… to name a few!!


Some recent days out